Everyone needs their own space.

Mine is just very confined and convenient.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why the Loo?

Well hello to any schmoodles and sweets that might have accidentally popped into The Loo. I am actually happy to have you here. You must be thinking that this will be amusing in the potty mouthed, toilet humor kind of way, but I assure you that the concept is much deeper than that... Aaand now I am afraid that I might have disappointed you, so I suppose that every once in a while I could take a "crack" at it.

Since my son became a walking being, the only place that I can escape from him is the bathroom. Once the door is locked, I have a room ALL TO MYSELF and though I can probably only reasonably spend 20 minutes at a time in here, it is my sanctuary...but only if the door is locked. Even then I contend with the shaking door knob and tiny fingertips poking thru the bottom of the door.

So I am happy to have introduced myself and hope you'll pop in again. Don't forget to powder your nose. Tuda-Loo!